Jul. 4th, 2016

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“The United Kingdom has always been closely involved in its continent. Even when our main focus was elsewhere in the world, our people played a key part in Europe. In the 19th century in the Russian empire a Welsh engineer called John Hughes founded a mining town which is now Donetsk in Ukraine. And in the 17th century a Scottish publican called Richard Cant moved his family to Pomerania; his son moved further east to Memel and his grandson then moved south to Königsberg, where Richard’s great-grandson, Immanuel Kant, was born."

petro_gulak: (... and the Bookman)
Я уже не раз говорил, что русские читатели совершенно неправильно читают "Ворошиловград", потому что видят там ностальгию по советскому прошлому, а не возвращение к личному прошлому, которое и позволяет идти дальше.
Читаю рецензию на американское издание романа - и там то же самое. Кто автор? "Associate professor of Russian and Comparative Literature".
Так отож.


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