Oct. 11th, 2016

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В "Нью-Йоркере" - большая и содержательная статья об Урсуле Ле Гуин, но едва ли не самое примечательное в ней - это начало.

In an e-mail to me last winter, she wrote that she felt “eaten up” with frustration at the ongoing occupation of an eastern Oregon wildlife refuge by an armed band of antigovernment agitators led by the brothers Ammon and Ryan Bundy. She was distressed by the damage they had done to scientific programs and to historical artifacts belonging to the local Paiute tribe, and critical of the F.B.I. for being so slow to remove these “hairy gunslinging fake cowboys” from public property.

Конечно, леваки, анархо-синдикалисты, dispossessed и все-такое-прочее, но если что - где наше родное ФБР? При всем уважении к Ле Гуин - не люблю леваков. Совсем.
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А вот это - правильный фронтиспис "Ветра в ивах".
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The Wintersmith threw back his head and sang the overture to "Uberwald Winter" by the composer Wotua Doinov.
"СНОВА ПОХОЛОДАЛО!" he sang to the freezing sky.


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