Nov. 1st, 2016

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В ФБ половина френдленты - о е-декларациях, а я как раз перечитываю "Большого Жанно":

"...однажды пропали какие-то суммы: старичок столь усердно клялся мне в своей невиновности, что я судейским нюхом быстро догадался - он украл, но не эти, а совсем другие деньги".
petro_gulak: (... and the Bookman)
“There are some that are not pleased with fiction, unless it be bold; not only to exceed the work, but also the possibility of Nature; they would have impenetrable Armours, Inchanted Castles, Invulnerable Bodies, Iron Men, Flying Horses, and a thousand other such things, which are easily feigned by them that dare. Against such I defend you (without assenting to those that condemn either Homer or Virgil) by dissenting only from those that think the Beauty of a Poem consisteth in the exorbitancy of the fiction. For as truth is the bound of Historical, so the Resemblance of truth is the utmost limit of Poetical Liberty. In old time amongst the Heathen, such strange fictions and metamorphoses were not so remote from the Articles of their Faith, as they are now from ours, and therefore were not so un pleasant. Beyond the actual works of Nature a Poet may now go; but beyond the conceived possibility of Nature, never.”
(Answer to Davenant's Preface to Gondibert, 1650)

Найдено в "Ансибле":


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