Nov. 17th, 2016

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Wodehouse was once reported to have said that he had started a “Try to Like A.A. Milne Club.” There were no takers, until one man joined, only to resign a week later. “Since joining the association,” he explained, “I have met Mr. Milne.”
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Из письма, 15 апреля 1943 г., Берлин.
Yesterday I had a telephone call from the Ministry of Propaganda, asking me if I would join a party of writers who were being taken down to Smolensk to look at the corpses of those unfortunate Polish soldiers who were murdered by the Bolsheviks in 1940. I had to refuse, because of what would have been said in England, but I was very regretful that I couldn’t go, as it would have been a great experience.
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Первый том нового (полного) издания "Шерлока Холмса". Перевод Людмилы Бриловой и Сергея Сухарева, редактура и комментарии мои. Оригинальные иллюстрации и сравнительно редкие допматериалы (в т. ч. предисловия д-ра Джозефа Белла и д-ра Дойла). Скоро!


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